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This page shows information collected through a staged coding process. Data collected on each campaign includes the campaign goal, target, group and outcome.

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Campaign Characteristics

Campaign target:

Campaign goal:


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Williamstown Rifle Range marina proposal


Evidence for outcome assessment

Campaign Description

This information was obtained in the year and from the location described in the relevant data fields. Details of how the data was acquired and the methodology for ascertaining campaign outcomes is available to download at the link. Do you have more information to add? Fill out the form below.

The Jawbone’: valuable, intact mangrove and samphire plant community, protected for decades by the Rifle Range formerly on the land behind it. A Major PPCC Inc. Campaign supporting locals opposed to a marina there succeeded in 1988. The adjoining sea became a State Marine Sanctuary in 2002. See National Estate ID 7716.

It is within 10 km of central Melbourne, WILLIAMSTOWN. The mouth of the Kororoit Creek is to the left, just outside the picture. See also 10 MB higher resolution 2007 photos at 1RHK0116 and 1RHK0117. (sourced from website http://www.ppcc.org.au/aerfo_c1.htm 11/11/2021)

Organising group website

Year begun:

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Year outcome assessed:


Conservation & Protection

Port Phillip Conservation Council


Port Philip, Victoria


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