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Frankson City Council

Marina and bay filling proposed by Frankston City Council at Olivers Hill


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FRANKSTON MARINA PROPOSAL: Frankston City Council’s proposal to fill 21 hectares of Port Phillip’s seabed in front of Oliver’s Hill cliff for a marina is a Dubai-style approach

* The Legislative Council voted against a Greens motion to disallow the Planning Minister’s Amendment C50 rezoning of the seabed at Oliver’s Hill for a marina, but Frankston City Council blames the poor response to its call for tenders for its marina proposal on the poor state of the economy.
* A 2008 Government Priority Development Report supports a 21 hectare (52 acre) artificial harbour and built-up area in the sea near Oliver’s Hill cliff at Frankston in Dubai style. See Frankston Beach Association Inc’s position and its response.
* Combined Frankston Residents Group Press Statement seeks full disclosure by Frankston Council and a democratic say on its Oliver’s Hill marina plan
* Marina touted as “Frankston Safe Harbour” on the Frankston City Council website. The Web page states “one of the greatest assets Frankston City has to offer is its natural beachscape”. It then cynically describes how 21 ha of nearby sea is proposed to be filled in. Note the vacuous spin of “Safe Harbour”. Of course FCC will not admit it would really be an unsafe harbour, but read here why it would be.
* Aerial colour photographs of south Frankston beach and dunes, the Oliver’s Hill cliff, and the coast at Whitecliff Avenue. The very large area of natural seascape that would be replaced with filling, covered with buildings and boating facilities, is between, and is an integral part of, the landscape and ambience of these dunes and cliffs.
* Unfortunate inclusion, in the Victorian Coastal Strategy, of the coast at Oliver’s Hill, Frankston, as a site for a “Regional Boating Facility” (Fig. 11 of Victorian Coastal Strategy 2008)
* Appearance at Hearing on EES for proposed marina at Oliver’s Hill, Frankston
* Contact Frankston Beach Association Inc, which opposes the loss of coastline and coastal values at Oliver’s Hill that Frankston City Council’s crass plan would lead to.
* PPCC Inc. Policy Statement No. 14: “Marinas in or near Port Phillip”. (sourced from website http://www.ppcc.org.au/i_mzoliv.htm 11/11/2021)

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Conservation & Protection

Port Phillip Conservation Council


Port Philip, Victoria


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