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This page shows information collected through a staged coding process. Data collected on each campaign includes the campaign goal, target, group and outcome.

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Mornington Peninsula Shire's

Morning Peninsula Shire Council's permit for subdiving the former Ansett coastal land at Mt Eliza

Partial success

Evidence for outcome assessment

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This information was obtained in the year and from the location described in the relevant data fields. Details of how the data was acquired and the methodology for ascertaining campaign outcomes is available to download at the link. Do you have more information to add? Fill out the form below.

Mt Eliza Coastal Green Wedge: The need for public ownership of Mt Eliza coastal open space as a Coastal Park. Click on a blue hyperlink of interest.

Report in The Age on 2011-10-09 said that the Department of Sustainability and Environment rejected the presumptuous request by the landowner that built a private swimming pool on Mt Eliza coastal Crown land, anomalously zoned FZ, to buy that land. Victoria’s Coastal Management Act 1995 sets a measly penalty for such an illegal construction of 40 penalty units, which is only $6,066.80 for 2015-16.
Mornington MLA, David Morris, writes to Environment Minister stating his concern at The Age 2011 report of encroachment on Mt Eliza coastal Crown land adjoining 8 Osprey Av, Mt Eliza, by the private building of a swimming pool. See also anomalous zoning in that area.
Article in The Age, 2007-01-02, “Millionaire’s beachfront plan sparks alarm” reports concern that application for title changes allows increased housing on coastal land
Letter to the Premier of Victoria raising the need for public acquisition of the Green Wedge ‘Ansett’ Land on the Mt Eliza Coast for a Coastal Park
Photograph of the Ansett land and other Green Wedge land on the Mt Eliza coast, for which PPCC Inc. seeks a Coastal Park, and The Age 2006 article on the sale
Article on the proposed Coastal Park for Mt Eliza in the April 2005 issue of the PPCC Inc. newsletter ‘Port Phillip’
Click on Map 1 of the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme showing the Green Wedge and Rural zoning of the open space coastal land near Gunyong Creek
Green Wedge zoning reaches the high water mark at Mt Eliza, but anomalies remain in Public Foreshore Land Status and Zoning on the Planning Scheme Map
2003 Amendment to the Planning and Environment Act 1987, which inserted Part 3AA (Sections 46AA to 46AM) “Metropolitan Green Wedge Protection”
PPCC Inc. Policy Statement No. 12 “Remnant Large Open Space Land Parcels in Port Phillip Catchment Area (sourced from website – http://www.ppcc.org.au/i_pzeliz.htm – 11/11/2021)

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Conservation & Protection

Port Phillip Conservation Council


Port Philip, Victoria


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