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This page shows information collected through a staged coding process. Data collected from each group includes their description (from their website or social media pages), founding date, location, area of operations and more.

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Group Description

This information is obtained from either the group website or Facebook page. Details of where the data was acquired and the date of acquisition is included at the bottom of the text. Do you have more information to add? Fill out the form below.

Concerned about climate change, the rapid depletion of world oil reserves, extreme weather events, amongst so many other crises around the globe, but feeling powerless to do something about these issues

Act positively for the environment, yourself, and the earth you will leave your kids and grandchildren.

Take a stand A GRAND STAND for the Environment Inc. with a nonpolitical, active group of people from the Manningham area and beyond. Manningham is a northeastern municipality of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. Todays grandparent/senior generation is the first to hand on to our children a planet worse off than we have enjoyed. We urgently need to rethink our values and the way we live. We recognize the deep and rising concern about the loss of biodiversity on the planet and the urgent need to protect and restore natural habitat. We recognize too the profound detrimental effect that global warming has and will continue to have on vulnerable communities in poor countries. It is our belief that the problem of harmful human impact on the earth results from an inadequate view of human identity as rulers of Earth, rather than dependent creatures of a Creator spirit. Intrinsic to our GRAND STAND philosophy is the importance and place of indigenous spirituality. We believe that the gift of Aboriginal relationship with the land is essential in raising our awareness and sensitivity to the suffering of Earth and its peoples. It too, enhances our understanding of the sacred in exploring human identity and our sense of belonging/disconnection to Earth. We provide anyone who sees the need to care for the natural environment, opportunities in which to reflect upon our relationship with the earth our connection and affinity, our disconnection and disorientation amidst the crazy world of consumerism in which we live. Poetry, music, art, drama, storytelling and ritual woven through our gatherings inspire positive response they create awareness, enable heartfelt expressions of grief as well as hope, comfort and support. Most importantly they affirm the spiritual nature of the crisis we face. Our gatherings facilitate transformation of heart and mind.

We encourage you to participate in one of A GRAND STAND for the Environment Inc. initiatives. (sourced from website 6/11/2021)


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