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Group Description

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ACE is an environmental health and justice NGO based in Western Australia. We promote community right to know and environmental health and justice. We campaigne for clean air, land and water. We support communities facing industrial pollution, pesticide exposures, contaminated sites and chemical trespass. We care about the health of our planet and her people.

Our Advocacy
Since then ACE has become a strong advocate for the community on matters of air quality and environmental health and justice in this region and for the State of WA. Our activities have included:
Implementing Community Environmental Health Surveys
Conducting public awareness projects on air quality and environmental health.
Organising and implementing WAs first conference on Contamination laws and Environmental Justice in December 1999.
Providing a resource clearinghouse and referral agency to the public and other community groups on issues of soil and air contamination and environmental health.
Providing advice to Government on contaminated sites and air quality policies and proposals.
Providing advice and consultation to Peak Conservation organizations and other community NGOs.
Lobbying for better air quality and environmental health.
Liaison with Indigenous groups in the region over sensitive landuse decisions.

Our ultimate objective is to establish a model for Environmental Justice in WA and Nationally that ensures an end to inequitable distribution of pollution and hazardous facilities in vulnerable communities. In addition we have a vision to eliminate the negative impact on the environment and community of hazardous industrial emission sources by promoting cleaner production for industry that ensure profit through greater efficiency and innovative technologies based on thorough, contemporary research, environmental justice for all and adherence to the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development.

Our structure
ACE is structured as an Incorporated Association with an Executive Committee comprising representatives of each member group. The Alliance members are autonomous community groups1 whose elected representatives fulfill mandatory roles in ACE such as President, Secretary and Treasurer. ACE is a nonprofit research and community education provider that relies on donations and volunteers. Currently ACE has a voluntary staff of 5 parttime and two fulltime volunteers. Members can also be associated individuals.


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West Australia

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