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This page shows information collected through a staged coding process. Data collected from each group includes their description (from their website or social media pages), founding date, location, area of operations and more.

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Group Description

This information is obtained from either the group website or Facebook page. Details of where the data was acquired and the date of acquisition is included at the bottom of the text. Do you have more information to add? Fill out the form below.

Through its Public Gift Fund and its General Fund Anglican Earthcare Gippsland Inc. supports activities at The Abbey that are consistent with its Objectives. Members of Anglican Earthcare Gippsland are also invited to support The Abbey through participation in The Abbey Program and attendance at the Friends Annual Gathering. Anglican Earthcare Gippsland Inc is an Incorporated Association No A0053696H: ABN 27906493475.

Anglican Earthcare Gippsland Inc and its Public Fund, Anglican Earthcare Gippsland Gift Fund, has been entered onto the Register of Environmental Organisations and is entitled under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 item 6.1.1 of subsection 30-55 (1) to receive tax deductible donations.

Anglican Earthcare Gippsland Objectives
Primary objective is: ‘to protect and enhance the Australian Environment.’
Secondary objective is: ‘to establish, organise and promote a Centre for Spirituality and the Environment which will strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and renew the life of the earth.’
In order to achieve that objective The Association shall conduct itself in accordance with the beliefs and practices of The Anglican Church of Australia.
Under the Constitution, The Bishop of Gippsland nominates the President of Anglican Earthcare Gippsland. Members of Anglican Earthcare Gippsland Inc elect the Board of Management at the Annual General Meeting.


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Raymond Island

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