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As of February 2015, a regular visitor to the MESA web site (if such a person exists) would have noticed that this site hasn’t been updated in recent months. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly, MESA is in a period of transition. After 30 years serving the needs of marine educators in the Australasian region, the MESA council took the strategic step of uniting with the Australian Association for Environmental Education (AAEE). MESA and AAEE have always been closely affiliated sharing similar aims so this is seen as a logical step. In effect, MESA has now morphed into the AAEE Marine & Coastal Special Interest Group.

All former MESA members and supporters are now encouraged to join AAEE and make an active contribution to the AAEE Marine & Coastal Special Interest Group. Go to and follow the links to “Join Us”.

Secondly, after a prolonged illness our web manager (Peter Biro) passed away suddenly on September 1st, 2014. Peter created the first MESA web site as part of Seaweek in 1996 and has been the voluntary MESA web manager ever since. To honour Peter’s contribution it is our intention to keep this web site and the wealth of resources it contains active for as long as we can. To access these resources go to Seaweek, Site Resources and International News in the navigation bar above. We also plan to add a new section highlighting MESA History soon. (sourced from website 29/08/2021)

We live on the biggest island on a planet nearly 3/4 covered by oceans. Our health depends on the health of our oceans. The Australian Marine Education Network is a Special Interest Group of the Australian Association of Environmental Education. You don’t have to be an AAEE member to join the SIG. It’s for anyone who is keen on spreading the word about the health and importance of our oceans and coastal environments.
This Special Interest Group has two distinct goals.
1. To provide networking and support opportunities for those working in marine education.
Due mainly to the barriers between people and marine and aquatic environments, marine education has its own set of challenges. We hope to discuss these challenges as well as the many ways marine educators are working to overcome them.
2. To encourage educators who are not necessarily working in ‘marine’ education to incorporate marine and aquatic environmental education in their programs.
The marine environment is often viewed as external in many environmental education programs, but as we all know, all drains, creeks and rivers lead to the ocean. We therefore have a vital opportunity to educate people of all ages about marine environments throughout terrestrial environmental education programs. Rather than people thinking that because they don’t live by the beach they have no impact on marine environments, they should be making conscious decisions about
– seafood;
– climate change (ocean acidification and sea temperature change due to climate change are very pressing issues);
– packaging/reducing waste; and
– holiday destinations, just to name a few.
This SIG is a great opportunity to learn more about creative and effective ways to take a broad, inclusive approach to environmental and sustainability education.
If you’d like to join the SIG Mailout List, please email [email protected] (sourced from Facebook page 29/08/2021)

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