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To INFORM the public and STOP the rezoning of Boomerang Park and to RETAIN its current title as Community Land for now and the future.

Boomerang Park is Raymond Terrace’s premier Heritage listed public Park and has been a vital community hub spanning 180 years. It was set aside for the purpose of public recreation when the township of Raymond Terrace was first proclaimed in 1837. Significant events in Australia’s and Port Stephens European history took place here.
The Draft Master Plan for Boomerang Park November 2014 and the subsequent proposed developments, including the Planning Proposal to rezone a section of Boomerang Park July 2015, are in breach of the Community Land Provisions of the Local Government Act 1993(amended). The Community Land provisions of the NSW Local Government Act were included in the Local Government Act to prevent the alienation of public parkland and to give the citizens of the Local Government Area a clear say in the management of their important public parkland.

Port Stephens Council must follow the proper planning processes. Good planning guarantees that significant parkland like Boomerang Park is maintained for public recreation for future generations. Our opposition is not directed against development but development that is not compliant with regulation and planning, and that is a force of politics and private profit rather than good urban planning for our community.


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Raymond Terrace NSW

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