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The Boonah Organisation for a Sustainable Shire (BOSS) focuses on the values, principles, and aspirations which underpin a sustainable future for Boonah and beyond. The group consists of a broad cross section of the community who share that common vision.

BOSS was established in 2006 in the wake of concerns regarding environmental, planning and development issues which were surfacing in the Shire. Letters to the local paper and discussion on the eet highlighted community members wanted a sustainable future and a voice. An independent consensus building mechanism which was ‘all of community’ open and inclusive was required and BOSS was born.

Boonah Organisation for a Sustainable Shire Inc (BOSS) is committed to ensuring its community has a vibrant, caring and green future with a visible connection and celebration of its past and the natural environment.

We will achieve this by:
Creating a collective community voice to promote shared values principles, and aspirations
Engaging and interacting with our community, our community groups our regional council, state and Federal Governments
Practically applying sustainable approaches to life resulting in a collective lighter touch upon the earth
Understanding from little things big things grow
Providing a forum where creative ideas can take root, be supported and grow into viable local solutions
Empowering the next generation with the skills and courage to live more wisely and less selfishly
Understanding the shared responsibility for the present and future well being of our local community and the larger living world
Recognising ongoing connection with a unique local identity is a vital element in growing sustainable communities
Encouraging and supporting local business activity, ways of living and future planning models which incorporates a sustainable ethos and adopts a triple bottom line approach to determine success, and
Working to provide a sustainable legacy for future generations
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