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BIEPA, Bribie Island Environmental Protection Association Inc, is an active group of people, from many different trades and professions and of various political persuasions, who have at least one thing in common – they care for the environment of Bribie Island and the surrounding area.

Aims and Objectives of Bribie Island The chief objectives of the association are:
the promotion of the concept of Bribie Island as a fauna sanctuary and the protection of its native flora to ensure that development of Bribie Island and the Pumicestone Passage Catchment takes place in a thoughtful manner ensuring that a balance is maintained between what contributes to the well-being of people and their quality of life and what is necessary for the maintenance of the rather special and fragile environment of the area. The restoration of water quality in Pumicestone Passage is a particular concern
to perform such works of regeneration or stabilisation as may be deemed necessary for the benefit of the island and its environs
to educate public opinion in the protection of, or regeneration of the environment and to convene such Public Meetings as may be required for the purpose
to advocate for the enforcement of protective instruments covering the environment of Bribie Island and its surrounding waters.
International Protection Document
to subscribe to or liaise with other groups having as their aim the protection of the environment either locally, interstate, nationally or world wide.
to co-operate with the Regional Council, Government Departments and other concerned groups or individuals, in matters to the benefit of the environment e.g. the need for National Parks and other protected areas on the island to be effectively managed.
to raise funds by means of subscriptions, donations, stalls, raffles etc. and to administer these funds for furthering the objects of the Association
to make such action or perform such functions for the benefit, or for the preservation, of the environment.

Members are encouraged to have a commitment to work towards pursuing these objectives. Where considered appropriate, BIEPA will exercise its democratic right to express opinions about any action or proposal that appears detrimental to this environment. These opinions may be in the form of submissions in response to public documents, assessment of Environmental Impact Statements or direct letters of protest to governing bodies at the local, state or federal level. For more information, see our constitution – you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read this file (size:10Mb) (sourced from website 29/10/2021)

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