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Western Australia (WA) is the largest State in Australia and its capital city, Perth, is the most remote city in the world. The forest region in the south west corner of WA is small in global terms and yet its unique features and biodiversity make it one of the world’s most precious gems. Since European occupation some 200 years ago, Australia’s Indigenous people have been removed from the forest and the forest extensively exploited for its commercial values. Half of the original forest has been cleared for farming, mining, roads and towns and the remaining forest, on the less productive soils, has been repeatedly logged. The forest is now in a severely juvenilised and depreciated state with entire tree species under threat from diseases. Various birds and animals are also on the verge of extinction and weed encroachment is an ever increasing problem. All the main rivers in the south west are seriously poluted. Despite this extraordinary and disgraceful situation, large scale logging and burning of the forest region continues. Most of the logging is driven by big companies, with large quantities of forest produces being exported overseas in various forms including flooring and woodchips for the production of cardboard. Large amounts of WA’s native forest wood is also used by ‘Simcoa’ for the production of silicon.

Bridgetown – Greenbushes Friends of the Forest BGFF was founded in 1987 and is located in the heart of the WA forest region. The objectives of BGFF include the promotion of ecologically sound management of WA’s native forest and the encouragement of realistic and environmentally responsible alternatives for the production of timber and wood based products. (sourced 5/1/2022 from

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