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The Busselton-Dunsborough Environment Centre (BDEC) promotes environmental awareness through active participation in community environmental matters and actively hosting and participating in a range of environmental activities. We engage with government, community agencies and the public, in order to encourage the preservation and enhancement of the natural environment in the local area. This involves cooperative relationships, writing formal submissions and contributing to local media. We also host public forums and information sessions, conduct community planting days and publish brochures.

Our Story
BDEC is a not-for-profit environmental agency located within Western Australia’s south-west region. Staffed solely by volunteers, the agency aims to act as an advocacy agent on environmental matters in the vibrant Geographe community through information sharing and working with other agencies. As a proud member of the Geographe community, the agency is focused on delivering active services within the region, such as monitoring and planting activities. The Centre is incorporated and tax deductable, with a constitution that allows affiliated Groups and their members to be directly involved in the operation of the Centre. A management committee is elected by members at the Annual General Meeting. Members are encouraged to be volunteers at the Centre if able. We aim to encourage a wide range of community, conservation and land care groups to affiliate with the Centre so that it can truly reflect goals of our local community.

Our Mission
To facilitate community awareness and participation in the stewardship of the environment.
To assist in the conservation and enhancement of our natural environment, including flora and fauna, land care, coast care and water quality.
To provide, collect and distribute environmental information covering as wide a range of topics as are relevant to our South West area.
To provide a facility that is easily accessible to the public from which information about local community environmental organisations is available.
To provide office facilities for use by associated community organisations.
To assist in educating the community about local and global environmental issues.
To coordinate and assist in hands on land care activities such as revegetation projects.
To administer fundraising activities that supports the continued operation of the Centre.
To facilitate community events, seminars and workshops.
To provide advocacy on environmental issues.
To act as the auspice body for the Busselton Dunsborough Volunteer Centre.

Our Values
Membership open to all who adhere to our objectives regardless of race, class, gender, sexual preference, age, nationality, marital status, religious or political affiliation.
Organisations which are members must have the conservation and enhancement of the environment as a primary objective in their core business
All decisions will, where practicable, be open to input from all members and will be undertaken with regard to all viewpoints and will be consistent with our mission
All decisions and activities will be open and accountable
The structure of the Environment Centre will avoid the central committee-passive periphery structure of conventional NGO’s.
All projects inform and support each other to meet our objectives and will be undertaken in accordance with our working party protocols
Members will always act for the benefit for the environment and the wider community rather than any narrow self interest
Conflict will be brought to the attention of members through meetings. Issues of conflict will be resolved maturely and responsibly with the aid of all interested parties. (sourced from website 29/10/2021)

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