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Environmental groups have saved forests, protected iconic Australian animals and convinced businesses to commit to lower their carbon emissions. Yet, we know little about how many groups there are, what campaigns they run, and whether they achieve their campaign goals.

The campaign explorer is an extensive database of Australian environmental groups, campaigns and campaign outcomes. By capturing this data on environmental collective action we can learn more about what sort of tactics work to create change. As our environmental problems worsen by the day, we need this information more than ever.

With your help, we can grow the database and record groups and campaigns across more environmental issues and physical locations. Researchers will then look at this information to find out what aspects can help groups and campaigns achieve more success.

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Campaign Explorer helps activists and researchers run more effective environmental campaigns. Get connected with a community of individuals working to solve our environmental crisis! What’s more, by gathering information on groups and campaigns, you’ll create research quality data for scientists working to better understand how to create more effective environmental change.

The Campaign Explorer

Explorer data has been used to track the development of the environmental movement in Australia, assess the outcomes of climate change campaigns, and identify the most common campaign targets.

Every item of information that you find will contribute to social change research, from the smallest local bushcare group to national organisation and transnational campaigns. We will share and use your findings with researchers investigating the outcomes of environmental collective action.

To contribute as a citizen scientist just chose the task you are interested in, search for information, record your findings and upload the data into our information forms.

Browse through our tasks below to find out more.

Contributing to the environmental campaign explore is a fantastic way to both preserve history and help activists and researchers be more effective.

Robyn • Volunteer

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We welcome researchers, activists and interested contributors to get in touch and join the research hub. Contact us here or participate in the Environmental Campaign Explorer citizen science project.