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The Cape Conservation Group is based in Exmouth, and is made up of ordinary people who love the North West Cape. Ningaloo is one of the worlds last great places and we want to protect it. We believe that preservation of the environment is really important. To do this we try to reduce the human impact on it and continue to be good stewards of the environment.

CCG is a volunteer, notforprofit organisation that is involved in protecting the terrestrial and marine environment of the North West Cape. Our group has been active for 25 years now, and has been instrumental in some major projects and campaigns, like Save Ningaloo, Halt the Salt and Protect Ningaloo. Our members are an eclectic mix of people from many walks of life, but are united by a passion for conservation. And each member brings different knowledge, skills and experiences to the job of promoting good environmental stewardship. We are always keen to welcome new members and believe that everyone has something to offer. If you care for the natural world and youre keen to see it protected for the future, then join us. There are different types of memberships available to cater for individual interests and levels of involvement. You can also support us by making a donation to keep our projects going.

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