Aldi Campaign

The Palm Oil Action Group’s current direct action campaign targets Aldi Supermarkets. We are asking Aldi to sign up to a responsible palm oil policy: labelling of palm oil and palm oil derivatives on all products and using only 100%segregated Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO). Why Aldi? Aldi has other great policies, like no artificial

Undersea ethane pipeline

Major Campaign No. 5: Ethane Pipeline across Port Phillip. Click on a blue hyperlink of interest, or 1973 Supreme Court case, 2008 pipeline rupture, 2010 Federal Court cases. * The route of the pipeline above was opposed because it was: An ad hoc decision to introduce an industrial facility into a large natural area not

Appeal to VCAT to disallow Frankson City Council’s permit to build a life saving club and café on the Seaford Foreshore Reserve

No information provided on website about campaign. Information on VCAT outcome available at

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council’s permit for subdivision of the former Ansett coastal land at Mt Eliza

Mt Eliza Coastal Green Wedge: The need for public ownership of Mt Eliza coastal open space as a Coastal Park. Click on a blue hyperlink of interest. Report in The Age on 2011-10-09 said that the Department of Sustainability and Environment rejected the presumptuous request by the landowner that built a private swimming pool on

Jarrahdale Forest Protestors

SAVE OUR JARRAH: PRESERVE THE NORTHERN JARRAH FORESTS’ ECOLOGY FOR THE BENEFIT OF OUR COMMUNITY AND FUTURE GENERATIONS. WE HAVE THE POWER TO IMPACT OUR FUTURE, AND WE’RE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT Google map of Myara and Jarrahdale – plight area (the yellow area south of Jarrahdale) is where Alcoa is currently mining bauxite. The

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