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The Central Coast Community Energy Association Incorporated (or in short CCCE ) is a group of people on the NSW Central Coast interested in taking the supply of renewable energy into their own hands by planning, building and operating renewable energy power plants.

Objectives of the group:
The purpose of the Central Coast Community Energy Association Incorporated is to power the Central Coast with community owned renewable energy.
The association is an independent not-for-profit organisation with the aim to:
Establish a co-operative with the purpose of owning renewable energy technologies for the benefit of the Central Coast community
Negotiate discounts on renewable energy, energy saving products and sustainability related services on behalf of its members
Educate members and the public on the importance of renewable energy as a clean source of energy
Liaise with stakeholders and foster community engagement. (Sourced from website 29/08/2021)

Group Data


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Renewable Energy


Central Coast, NSW

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