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The Channon Gas Defence Network was formed by local activists, spear-headed by Annie Kia, in response to the CSG threat to our region and to The Channon area in particular. Annie was the instigator of the idea to declare our roads CSG-free, a move which is now spreading rapidly in the region and further afield.

Our aims are to:
(a) connect with each other to spread information about the threats posed by CSG;
(b) prepare ourselves to take action to defend our land, water and community; and
(c) protect our whole region from CSG industrialisation.

Our endeavours are based upon non-violent , peaceful protest and direct action – and we mean ‘NON-violent’ and ‘peaceful’.
We are a friendly and respectful bunch concerned about the impacts of CSG on the productivity of our land, our water quality, including ground water, our environment and our social fabric.

We are concerned citizens – in every sense of the word. We’re educated, have jobs or are retired from them and some of us are raising or have raised families.

We’re not so-called “professional activists” or “rent-a-crowd” when it comes to attending meetings, rallies or standing on-site to protest or take direct action. These descriptions are often forthcoming from those in favour of CSG, but they demonstrate little respect for our position, which is built upon research, objective science and economic analysis, and our passion for where we live and the community that we share this place with.

The Channon Gas Defence Network meets at The Channon Butterfactory Tavern at 5.30 – 6.30pm every first and third Tuesday of the month.

Local people are very welcome to come along and get involved. (sourced from website on internet archive 30/10/2021)

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