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Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle is the group behind Climate in the Pub, a regular gathering to hear excellent speakers in a social setting. But we do much more to promote action on climate change at local, state and national level. In 2018, we won Most Outstanding Environment Group in NSW, an award presented by the Nature Conservation Council.

Our strategy
Engage with our community to consult and inform them about climate issues
Encourage active participation in the democratic process at all levels of government
Collaborate with other groups on climate issues
Emphasise positive alternatives whenever campaigning against particular policies
Act to grow and strengthen CCBR as an organisation.

Our tactics
Communicating through our website, through social media, through an email newsletter, and by word of mouth
Holding regular public meetings to spread information and to build CCBR’s membership and following
Present our views by communicating with politicians and business leaders, in submissions to enquiries, and by reports to the media.

Individuals can change their habits and behaviours to minimise their carbon footprints – but we need to act together to make change to policy. CCBR works with other organisations on short and long-term campaigns to pressure our political representatives and other institutions to act as strongly as the science tells us we must.

We support national and local campaigns on specific climate issues, promoting rallies, meeting and lobbying politicians and corporations. At election time we compare the climate policies of parties and local candidates. Take a look at the campaigns we are currently working with.

Climate in the Pub
We meet each month in a local pub, currently The Merton, 38 Victoria Road, Rozelle. On the second Tuesday of every even month (February, April, etc) we have our highly successful series of “informed, informal conversations with involved people”, featuring excellent speakers. Check the Climate in the Pub page for an idea of previous topics, and for a link for recordings of some sessions.

On the second Wednesday of the odd months (July, September, etc), we hold a Climate in the Pub Meetup, where we welcome new people and existing supporters to get to know each other and to contribute ideas. We’ll usually have a theme for discussion, with the emphasis on sharing ideas that lead to action.

Both meetings begin with the chance for you to buy a drink and chat to others from 6.30 pm, with formal proceedings starting at 7 pm. You are welcome to buy a meal beforehand, or join others at a shared table after the event. Events are free, but we welcome a contribution to pay for the costs in mounting these.

To find out what is coming up and obtain a registration link, subscribe to our Event Calendar, Newsletter, follow us on Facebook or watch out for our posters in the area.

Currently numbers are very restricted due to Covid 19, so it is essential to register for each event to be sure of a place. (sourced from website 31/10/2021)

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