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Group Description

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CACE (Council Action in the Climate Emergency) was created to encourage and support councils adopting a Climate Emergency response. CACE is an initiative of Adrian Whitehead and Bryony Edwards in 2017 in response to their successful campaigning with Darebin Council.

Adrian and Bryony have worked on the Climate Emergency for collectively over 20 years in various roles. This work has included founding such groups as Beyond Zero Emissions and Save the Planet.

Our partners
CACE works in close partnership with RSTI (Research and Strategy for Transition Initiation Inc.) RSTI has been critical in creating the detailed strategic documents used for councils to develop their own Climate Emergency response and supporting councils in developing their Climate Emergency plans.

We also partner with the Climate Emergency Declaration campaign through CEDAMIA and their 3 Level Petition and their local government candidate and councillors statements of support which can be found in their Local Council Action Kit.

The Climate Emergency Declaration Campaign is ultimately focused on getting all levels of government to Declare a Climate Emergency and implement a Climate Emergency response.

Our campaign
Our campaign is focused on getting councils to declare a Climate Emergency and implement a council based Climate Emergency response.

Through council leadership, community education and positive action, state and federal governments will be forced to follow suit to meet growing community demand for real action to reverse global warming. ?

Our first event was run at the 2017 Sustainable Living Festival and was titled “How councils can reverse global warming: Exploring the critical role”. You can hear a recording of the speakers here. (sourced from website 21/11/2021)


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Brunswick, Victoria

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