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The Darling Downs Environment Council (DDEC) is a peak regional environment group dedicated to the preservation and protection of the environment (natural, built, and managed) and the enhancement of values which promote sustainability.

We are concerned in particular about diminishing land and water resources on the Darling Downs and are driven by the principles of inter-generational equity. We bring together people from our region who care about the environment. Why not join one of the DDEC’s member groups? These groups’ interests span a wide range of environmental and heritage issues.

You can also join the Darling Downs Environment Council as an individual member. We campaign to save what remains of this region’s special natural values. Natural bushland has become very scarce in the Darling Downs region. Even so, there are bio-diverse “hotspots” that should be conserved for future generations.

Protecting threatened species – including koalas – is a priority. We support replacing unsustainable industries with viable alternatives. Coal mining, our most controversial local industry, is highly destructive to the local environment and the global climate. We look forward to a future based on 100% clean renewable energy and an end to divisive conflicts over energy, water and pollution. (sourced from website 6/11/2021)

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