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The Denmark Environment Centre is one of the few remaining community based environment centres in Western Australia. The DEC undertakes advocacy, awareness raising and support of other groups on a wide range of local environmental issues, such as:
Protection for Greens Pool
Forest protection and activism
Fire management
Catchment management
Water quality and bird habitat in Wilson Inlet

The DEC also houses:
a bookshop and gift shop
a herbarium
a specialist library

Our Vision: To encourage and nurture a sustainable community that has a high level of environmental consciousness and proactively protects its environment.
Our Mission: To inspire, educate and connect people in the community to protect, preserve and enhance the natural environment through education, research and advocacy. We encourage the community to adopt ethical and sustainable environmental practices.

The Denmark Environment Centre values
our reputation and credibility as a community organisation. This is based on our performance working with and for our community
the leadership we provide in showing how to reduce our impact on the environment
the integrity of our organisation in all that it does, and the respect we show for all people
education and knowledge as the means for effecting positive change. (sourced from website 6/11/2021)

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