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Group Description

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The 2004 Redcliffe Jetty Dugong event was the beginning of a serious Moreton Bay/Dugong focussed group, which has evolved into the local community based proactive awareness ‘fraternity’ called The Dugong Collective.

The Dugong Collective is a diverse community of individuals and Groups bound together by a common concern and commitment to protect and grow the wellbeing of our fragile planet and all its wild creatures.

Each member is a free spirit ‘Ambassador’ helping promote understanding and awareness by action and word. There are no membership fees, no committees, no unnecessary meetings, only a dedication and passion for doing good while there is still time.

The Dugong Collective’s core membership is very local, but they are as diverse as the creatures in the Bay; entertainers, scientists, bus drivers, students, business executives, housewives, teachers, politicians, trades people, you name it there’s probably one in the Collective; even a few environmentalists. Our overseas membership is growing… from the US, the UK and Japan.

Dug the Dugong is a member of the DC and has evolved physically and as a champion for many Moreton Bay issues over the past few years; from opposing Fish Farming in Moreton Bay, littering, Conservation Zones, Go Slow zones, and many more campaigns. (sourced from website 31/10/2021)


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