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Group Description

This information is obtained from either the group website or Facebook page. Details of where the data was acquired and the date of acquisition is included at the bottom of the text. Do you have more information to add? Fill out the form below.

EcoTransit is transport that supports a sustainable economy and environment. The less resources used by the transport sector, the more efficient our economy is and the less damage is done to the environment.

Public transport, walking and cycling fit these criteria. Urban freeway development that entrenches prolific car use does not support EcoTransit based economies and cities.

EcoTransit is a public transport advocacy group operating out of Sydney, but with a focus on all regional and rural parts of NSW that need better public transport. EcoTransit are a not-for profit organisation made up of volunteers dedicated to the promotion of EcoTransit development.

EcoTransit advocates improving local environment of towns, suburbs and cities in NSW, by shifting transport from invasive modes like the private motor car that produce high levels of air, noise and water pollution to the less polluting public transport modes.

EcoTransit is dedicated to the preservation of NSW’s natural environment and heritage areas.

EcoTransit members are transport planning consultants, academics, trainspotters, bus drivers, commuters, cyclists, engineers, pedestrians and combinations of all of the above. (sourced from website 31/10/2021)


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