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Group Description

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The Florentine Protection Society is an apolitical, notforprofit community organisation with the main purpose of preserving Tasmanias ancient forests, including the forests of the Upper Florentine Valley.

We strive to:
– Preserve Tasmanias beautiful old growth forests for the benefit of the community, Tasmanias unique native wildlife living in the forests, ancient trees, the lungs of the planet, storing huge amounts of carbon, TThe environmental, social, cultural and economic qualities of old growth forests.
– Educate the public about Tasmanias natural environment and environmental issues, the wise use of Tasmanian resources, including high conservation value forests.
– Communicate with others about the importance and reasons for protecting old growth forests, the inherent value in standing trees, the unique beauty of Tasmanias ancient forests, such as the Upper Florentine Valley, the environmental, social, cultural and economic qualities of Tasmanias old growth forests.
– Appreciate the majesty of Tasmanias ancient trees, the beauty and complexity of old growth ecosystems and the diversity of Tasmanias native plant and animal life.

Policy Statement
The Florentine Protection Society proposes that the Upper Florentine be added to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and to the Southwest National Park.

The Florentine Protection Society adopts in principle the boundary of the Upper Florentine as shown in Western Tasmania A Place of Outstanding Universal Value by Geoff Law 2009 page 4, which would combine the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and Mt Field National Park as one protected entity. The Florentine Protection Society therefore calls on the State Government to extend the Southwest National Park to incorporate the Upper Florentine and to support World Heritage nomination of the Upper Florentine. The Florentine Protection Society also calls on the Federal Government to nominate the Upper Florentine as an extension to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.


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