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The South West of WA is Australia’s only biodiversity hotspot and is ranked no.10 in the world. It has over 5500 species of flora, and in some spots the highest flora density on the planet over 800 species per sq. km. Chester Forest. Our south west is in desperate need of protection and Forest Rescue have a no compromise approach against anything, that threatens Western Australia’s biodiversity.

Sadly our State is on the brink of ecological collapse by native forest logging, land clearing and mining companies. Often the only thing standing with local communities, between the chainsaws / bulldozers and the imminent destruction of Western Australian ecosystems, is Forest Rescue. The first forest Blockades in Western Australia in 1994 were highly successful and spawned the South West Forest Rescue movement. Forest Rescuers have put our bodies on the line, in defending many Old Growth and High Conservation Value forests that are now National parks.

With an ever evolving unique style of NonViolent Direct Action, Forest Rescue has been highly instrumental in saving large tracts of south west forests. Check out our new ‘Forest Rescue Short Film’ in our Video Gallery to see some of the ways we work to save precious eco systems Below is a photo of Forest Rescue and Sea Shepherd crew at Chester Forest Rescue blockade, near Karridale in the Margaret River region. The camp has since been shut down after we received a moratorium to take it off the logging list for further fauna and flora surveys. Some of the highest flora density’s on the planet exist at Chester. Up to 800 Flora species per square kilometre! Not one Tree was logged in the two and a half year defence.The 800ha would have yielded the FPC a maximum of $56,000 worth of Jarrah to destroy priceless heritage.

Forest Rescue grassroots activists using Non Violent Direct Action to save Australia’s forests! Forest Rescue also work on land clearing, mining and whaling issues too. Forest Rescue operate from the frontline. If we’re saving a forest, we’re in that forest. We don’t take no for an answer, and we’ll do what it takes to protect our environment. (sourced from website 04/2021)


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