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All life is fragile, none more so than in Australia. In Australia we have an exceptionally high number of species that can only be found here. What’s more, the diversity or range of species is greater here in Australia than in many parts of the world.
Why does this matter? Biological Diversity.

Biological diversity – or biodiversity – is a term we use to describe the variety of life on Earth. It refers to the wide variety of ecosystems and living organisms: animals, plants, their habitats and their genes.

Each species has a role to play in an ecosystem – much like each part of our body has its own function. Often in nature though, several species may fulfil a similar role in a particular ecosystem. This ensures that is one species is lost the ecosystem as a whole will continue functioning. However, if too many species are lost, as has happened in Australia since the arrival of Europeans, the the system starts to break down.

The Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered Species Limited (FAME) was established in 1993. The Foundation is an independent Australian company limited by guarantee and is registered with the Commonwealth Government. FAME is regulated by ASIC, the ATO and the Australian Charities and Not-for Profits Commission (ACNC).

How do we do it?
At FAME we have come to believe that with your help, as our work progresses, whenever we restore a small piece of nature, we also restore ourselves as caretakers of the planet. Our work supporting projects to save Australia’s flora and fauna never ends – many species are under pressure and some face extinction. FAME’s commitment to confront this reality has no boundaries, but our resources are always limited. The Foundation’s projects are carefully chosen so that our precious funds are put to work in the most effective way possible. We do not gamble with the financial support of our members, Trusts, Foundations, corporate and grant funders, because we know that if we choose wisely we can buy the time that endangered Australian flora and fauna need to survive. FAME believes that a partnership approach to saving endangered species is the best way to save wildlife. FAME works with like-minded organisations, governments, wildlife authorities and private landowners on projects that increase the likelihood of survival of one or more endangered species.

Our vision is to prevent any further extinction of Australian flora and fauna.

FAME is one of the only organisation dedicated to helping Australian species most at risk of extinction. FAME seeks to fund on-ground conservation outcomes with a focus on seed funding and innovation.

Core Values
Commit to conservation and environmental issues.
Embrace open transparency at all times.
Display strong, clear corporate governance.
Maintain inclusiveness with all stakeholder sand donors.
Respect the culture of Indigenous Australians.

Our People
Established in 1993 with its head office in South Australia, FAME has a strong supportive national membership base and a range of private Trusts and Foundations, corporate partners and grant funding. FAME has an independent volunteer Board of Directors who oversee the governance of the organisation. Directors are elected for a tenure of 2 years at which stage they must stand for re-election at the AGM. (sourced from website 1/11/2021)

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