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FIDO has a proud history of more than a quarter of a century of campaigning achievements to protect one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. FIDOs aim has always been to ensure the wisest use of the natural resources of Fraser Island. National Interest FIDO believes that Fraser Island is unique in the world, being not only the largest sand island in the world but also the worlds greatest coastal sandmass. Despite frequent assertions by parochial politicians, FIDO has never diminished the size or the significance of this outstandingly attractive and very appealing subtropical island paradise. Campaigns FIDO is best known for its successful campaigns to stop the devastating environmental impact of sandmining and the destructive logging of Fraser Islands magnificent forests, but the organization has actively addressed all aspects of management of Fraser Island. FIDO wants Fraser Island to be a well managed National Park with controlled tourism and other compatible uses. Its aim is the wisest use of the natural resources of Fraser Island.

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