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As one of South Australia’s foremost community campaign organisations, Friends of the Earth Adelaide works to address social and environmental justice issues through community action. In addition to campaigners working with on earth jurisprudence, climate justice and urban issues, Friends of the Earth Adelaide has two primary campaign collectives that welcome your involvement!

Clean Futures Collective
Active since 2005, the Clean Futures Collective is one of South Australia’s primary campaign groups on mining, energy and nuclear issues. The collective is committed to creatively
promoting sustainable, socially and ecologically conscious technologies
supporting Indigenous communities adversely affected by the nuclear industry, particularly through uranium mining or nuclear waste dumping
raising public awareness about mining and energy issues
monitoring the activities of the nuclear industry
Passionate about justice and the health of SA’s fragile arid ecosystems, the collective coordinates Friends of the Earth’s legendary nuclear education tour: the Radioactive Exposure Tour as well as conducting volunteer community work trips to Aboriginal communities in northern South Australia and is a participant in the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance. The collective meets regularly at a city location and welcomes new volunteers! Contact us at [email protected]
Fair Food Adelaide Collective
Fair Food Adelaide draws together community members passionate about the politics and practicalities of contemporary food issues. Inspired by the concept of ‘food sovereignty’, the collective campaigns both on the environmental and social impacts of agriculture, trade and aid policy (for example, the impact of Free Trade Agreements or corporate control of food production and retailing) as well as having a strong emphasis on local, practical food production and community building.
We welcome invitations to speak to community, educational or other groups, however, we invite a nominal fee to support the work of the organisation. The collective meets regularly at a city location and welcomes new volunteers! Contact us at [email protected]

Global connections
Friends of the Earth Adelaide is a member of Friends of the Earth Australia , a national federation of independent local groups. Through our participation in Friends of the Earth Australia, we are a part of Friends of the Earth International, the world’s largest grassroots environmental network. Friends of the Earth International has member groups in over 70 countries, with over 1.5 million individual members worldwide.
As an organisation committed to grassroots environmental justice, Friends of the Earth does not accept corporate donations. We maintain this principled stand with the support of a growing number of individual financial members. You can help ensure Friends of the Earth remains a vibrant, independent voice for social and environmental justice by becoming a member or making a donation.
Read our 2014/15 Annual Report FOE Adelaide Report 2014-15
Contact us:
Friends of the Earth Adelaide, c/- Conservation Council of SA,Level 111 Franklin Street Adelaide SA 5000 (sourced from 2020 Wayback Machine site 29/08/2021)

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