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“Friends of the Great Western Tiers kooparoona niara”, is a group of people who love and seek to preserve this magnificent landscape and the culture embedded in it. It includes people who live and work in the shadow of the Tiers, for whom the Tiers are a constant presence in their lives, people who visit regularly for holidays, those who paint, photograph, dance or dream in the shadow of the Tiers and those who walk, fish, ride or picnic on its face or in its streams.

“Friends of the Great Western Tiers kooparoona niara”, is an incorporated association. Its objectives are:
(a) to achieve the lasting and effective protection of the natural and cultural values of the Great Western Tiers;
(b) to promote the learning and appreciation of those values and the recreational activities that are compatible with those values;
(c) to promote cooperative management of the Great Western Tiers, involving local communities with government agencies; and,
(d) to promote such economic development as would flow from the achievement of a high conservation status for the Great Western Tiers kooparoona niara.

We welcome new members and support and encourage meaningful dialogue with people who have an interest in The Great Western Tiers kooparoona niara. Feel welcome to join in activities and events organised by the Friends, so you too can enjoy and get better acquainted with the our unique iconic landscape. (see Events page). We strongly support the Aboriginal community’s aspiration for an Aboriginal owned and managed national park in kooparoona niara (Great Western Tiers). (sourced from website 2/11/2021)

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