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The Great Artesian Basin Protection Group is a not-for-profit organisation whose objectives are;
To protect, conserve and preserve for sustainable beneficial use, the surface and ground waters, and the integrity of the Great Artesian Basin (GAB) including, but not limited to:
promotion and protection of ecological and sustainable development; and
commissioning of technical reports and submission in relation to the impacts of development, of and upon the GAB and the farmland and communities that depend upon it.

The Great Artesian Basin (GAB) provides the only reliable source of fresh water throughout much of inland Australia, underlying 22% of the continent. It is the largest and deepest artesian basin in the world – and in the world’s driest inhabited continent. For over a century the GAB has supplied vital water for communities, stock and industry. In that time we have extracted over 100 times the volume of Sydney Harbour – and over 90% of that was wasted. Through flawed government policy, landholders squandered this finite water, as they were told it would be recharged from rainwater, which scientists now know will take millions of years. The GAB is being destroyed by two things. Firstly, by the incredible wastage from the thousands of uncapped bores; but principally by the enormous water usage by the mining and coal seam gas industries, which are depleting and polluting the stressed GAB even further.

The GABPG is determined to save this priceless and finite resource for future generations of Australians, before it is too late. This could be achieved by increasing govt. assistance for capping bores, and by placing a moratorium on the CSG industry until it can be proven it will not destroy the GAB. Please show your support by joining the GABPG – and please leave your comments on Your Say. (sourced from website 2/11/2021)

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