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Helena and Aurora Range Advocates Inc HARA is a not for profit organisation that is dedicated towards speaking out for the full protection of Helena and Aurora Range, now and in the future. This can be achieved by declaring Helena and Aurora Range an A Class National Park, through WA parliament, preferrably with the agreement of the mining industry. Our objective is “To act as an advocate for the protection of the biodiversity and landscape values of Helena and Aurora Range for future generations.” We aim to achieve this by increasing public awareness of the heritage values of Helena and Aurora Range demonstrating the widespread community support for Helena and Aurora Range Bungalbin as an Indigenous Heritage Area and National Heritage Area sending a strong message to our decision makers, planners, governments and developers that there is a need to have areas such as Helena and Aurora Range excluded from mining activity to protect our heritage. The Helena and Aurora Range Kalamaia name ‘Bungalbin’ is a magnificent banded ironstone formation BIF range in Western Australia that has National Heritage values and is worthy of protection from mining in a Class A Reserve and National Park and being declared a “No Go” area for mining. The Helena and Aurora Range Advocates Inc HARA, are not alone in having an appreciation of this range Ken Newbey botanist, on visiting Helena and Aurora Range for the first time in the 1980s, exclaimed This should be a National Park. The Yilgarn Shire on its website refers to the Helena and Aurora Range as Bungalbin Range and states that It has spectacular rock formations and scenery, surpassed only by the Hamersley Range in Western Australia Simon Nevill writer and photographer states in his book on Parks and Reserves of WA ” … in this northern Yilgarn region …. there is one range that should never be mined and that is Helena Aurora Range north of Koolyanobbing.” The EPA in 2007 called the range “one of the more significant biodiversity assets in WA”

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Helen and Aurora Range

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