The Jarrahdale Forest Protectors was formed in July 2009 following an open meeting which over 90 people attended, when the Mundlimup Coupe was put in the yearly logging plan of the Forest Products Commission. Mundlimup was last logged 80 years ago and has some good regrowth jarrah, but still nothing like the size of the original trees. We had strong community support to keep the forest near the town from being logged again, this time with very destructive large machines. Due to our vigorous campaign, supported by other groups, who think it is shortsighted to log what little is left in the northern Jarrah forest, most of the Mundlimup area is safe from logging. It is now part of the Discovery Forest being planned by the Shire and DPaW. However tree marking and roading has begun in a small area mainly east of Blue Rock Road that FPC plan to harvest in the next few weeks but it has very few good trees. We will try to record any destruction of the forest there but will not actively protest. The community is now much more aware of our forest and its values because of our activities over Mundlimup and our scrutiny of the Wungong Trial which the Water Corporation has walked away from after years of research and thinning. The Jarrahdale Forest Protectors wish to celebrate our achievement of saving Mundlimup and want to thank everyone who helped in any way, by joining the group, contributing funds, sponsoring trees, writing letters to papers and politicians or taking part in raising the awareness. Convenors Pia Steele, Jan Star January 2015


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