Address for the official launching of the K.A.B.C NSW Dame Phyllis Frost 27 February 1975 Keep Australia Beautiful National Association Ltd KABNA 2017 Young Reporters for the Environment Australia commenced 2014 EcoSchools Australia commenced 2014 Adopt a Patch program commenced 2012 The LITTLE Committee commenced ending in 2014 2011 National Bin Network Australias Litter Action Plan Pilot Trialled 2010 Beverage Container Recycling Grants funded by the CocaCola Foundation 2010 Keep Australia Beautiful Week featuring away from home recycling 2009 Governor General accepts role as Patron of KABNA and hosts the Australian Tidy Towns Awards 2009 Judging visits for the Australian Sustainable Communities Awards consisting of Tidy Towns, Sustainable Cities and Clean Beaches 2008 Branded Litter Study published 2008 KAB Green Ribbon, cause marketing program commenced 2007 Australian Sustainable Cities Awards commenced urban awards commenced VIC 1992, NSW 1994 2007 KABNA registered as a deductible gift recipient ie tax deductible organisation 2005 National Litter Index recommenced 2004 Canberra office sold, March 22 2004 Full time Executive Officer appointed based in Sydney 2002 Australian Clean Beaches Awards commenced 20022004 National programs administered by QLD office 19982001 National programs administered by SA office 1995 National Litter Index discontinued 1990 Approx 1994/5 Australian Environmental Awards for Schools 1991 Australian Tidy Towns Awards commenced Tidy Towns, a concept borrowed from Ireland, commenced in Australia in WA in 1968 1974/5 Dopes Rubbish Australia and Pig television campaigns launched 1970s CARE AWARDS and Golden Broom Awards 1972 Gough Whitlam launches Live Without Litter Week 1971 Keep Australia Beautiful National Association commenced, formed by KESAB and KABVIC Dame Phyllis Frost and Colin Hill Keep Australia Beautiful Council NSW N.L. 2015 The Blue Stars launched replacing Sustainable Communities Tidy Towns, Clean Beaches, Sustainable Cities 2015 Take the Pledge launched 2014 First Litter Congress held 2013 Community Litter Grants 2012 Rebranded to Keep NSW Beautiful 2011 EnviroMentors registered 2010 Graffiti Action Day 1975 KABC NSW commenced Keep Victoria Beautiful Keep Australia Beautiful Council VIC Inc. 2015 KABV becomes independent from Sustainability Victoria on 1 July 2009 KABV joins with Sustainability Victoria on 1 July 2008 Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria to celebrate its 40th Anniversary November 2007 New Directions Partnership developed with Sustainability Victoria December 2007 Tidy Towns VIC celebrates its 25th anniversary 2006 Clean Site An environmental program for the residential building industry launched 2005/06 National Litter Index commenced 2005 Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria Gift Fund entered onto the Register of Environmental Organisations and receives endorsement as a deductible gift recipient 2005 Invited to join the Victorian Litter Action Alliance VLAA as the community group representative in 2005 2004 Sustainable Cities launched, replacing City Pride 2004 Clean Beach Challenge launched 2004 Keep Australia Beautiful Week commenced in current format 1994 Stationeers Right on Track program formed 1992 City Pride program launched 1983 Tidy Town name and logo registered 1982 Tidy Towns launched 1972 Adopt a Highway commenced in Victoria 1968 15th November, Dame Phyllis becomes the first chair of Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria 1968 Early focus on litter prevention, reduction beautification throughout Victoria 1968 Established by Dame Phyllis Frost AC, DBE, DSocSC Hon 1965 The State Wide Civic Pride program begins in Victoria, a forerunner to Tidy Towns 1963 The National Council of Women of Victoria, Dame Phyllis starts a committee to conduct an anti litter campaign in Victoria in 1964 Keep Australia Beautiful Council Qld Incorporated 2009 Brisbane Spotless Suburbs commenced 2009 Healthy Queensland awards commenced 2008 Sustainable Cities commenced 2008 EnviroEd Tours ceased 20042007 Clean Site program commenced 2003 Launched Australian Clean Beach Challenge 2002 AdoptARoad commenced 2001 EnviroEd Tours commenced 2000 Green and Healthy Schools commenced 1998 Clean Beaches awards commenced 1974 Tidy Towns awards commenced 1971 Commenced by RACQ Royal Automobile Club of Queensland Keep Australia Beautiful Council WA 1997 Friends Group formed 1996 Eddy Tamlin retired 1994 Wildflower litter bag series issued 1990s Ray Meagher was on KAB Recycling Stow it, dont throw it Towards a Litter Free Environment umbrella Drop Something Sport Keep Western Australia Beautiful sticker sticker A message from Bunyip Bob I dont think you oughta drop garbage in the water Coast Care Music lyrics, Lets do it for WA written and recorded by Ken Walther produced for KABC WA 1980 KABC WA became a statutory body, Litter Act 1979 regulations proclaimed, Tidy Towns signage introduced for approach roads to towns 1979 WA Litter Act formalises the role of Keep Australia Beautiful WA 1974 Eddy Tamlin started Tidy Towns judging visits, then in 1980s, a star rating system operated. 1974 Keep Europe Beautiful International Conference Programme London October Eddy Tamlin, titled Executive Director, KABC Inc, on group discussion Littering of seas, lakes, rivers, waterways and shores 197090s Programs Cleaning up roads litter bags, Site clean ups, Captain Cleanup developed by Channel 9 Perth, Coast Care, Ranger of the Year Award, Litter Reporting 1971 Keep Australia Beautiful Council Western Australia was incorporated on 14 Oct 1971. The incorporation was cancelled on 9 Jun 1980 1971 Eddy Tamlin appointed as Executive Director aged 36 1969 17 March Inaugural Tidy Towns award luncheon at Palace Hotel 1968 Tidy Towns commenced in WA based on Irish community pride model Keep Australia Beautiful Council Tas Incorporated 1985 Incorporated 1980 First Tidy Towns program 1971 KABC TAS Commenced Keep Australia Beautiful ACT a subcommittee of KABNA 2005 First participation in Sustainable Cities 1995 Last participation in Tidy Towns 1980s Active Keep Australia Beautiful Council NT Incorporated 2015 EcoCampus Pilot Trialled 2014 Keep TimorLeste Beautiful and Keep Indonesia Beautiful projects commenced 2013 EcoSchools Pilot Trialled 2012 Cash for Container Scheme implemented 2012 4 Gold Star rating commenced under Territory Tidy Towns program 2011 National Bin Network Australias Litter Action Plan Pilot Trialled 2011 Australian Communitys Cleanup Book Launched 2010 KABCNT Corporate Cleanups commenced 2008 Litter Rating Index implemented NT 2007 Northern Territory Cleanup Book launched 1981 Territory Tidy Towns commenced 1980 TALC Territory AntiLitter Committee commenced 1976 Certificate of Incorporation as an Association 1974 The Beer Can Regatta commenced now administered and operated solely by the Lions Club. A major tourist attraction event. KESAB environmental solutions SA 2016 KESAB celebrates 50 years! 2015 Winner of the United Nations Association of Australia Environmental Sustainability Education Award, Litter Less redeveloped and launched, Junkcraft product range launched 2014 Enviromethod Brand launched, Food Scraps in the Green Bin household organics campaign, Recycle Right training for local government waste officers, Road Watch General Safety Handbook produced for volunteers 2013 Litter Kills roadside litter awareness campaign, Cloth Nappy Library program, commercial Waste Audit Team, Waste to Sculpture recycled art competition 2012/13 SA claims the trifecta of awards at a national level, winning Sustainable Cities Marion, Clean Beaches Goolwa and Tidy Towns Victor Harbor 2012 First Butt Free Australia Day held in October 2012 Wally and the Wipe Out Waste Wizard 2012 Bore to Tap program started in APY lands in partnership with SA Water 2011 Recycling Art calendar competition in partnership with Recyclers SA 2010 Australias first Reverse Vending Machine launched in June 2008 Tidy Towns rebranded to Sustainable Communities 2007 Partnership agreement NRM Education commenced 2006 Implemented Wipe Out Waste program in partnership with Zero Waste SA 2006 Opened Statewide Recycling Education Centre 2006 Palya Clean Communities program 2004 Commenced Government Service Agreements waste and litter Winner of Video Award of Excellence for Clean Site Program 2004 Please Butt It Then Bin It campaign commenced 2000 Rebadged KESAB environmental solutions, Purchase and relocate premises to Flinders Park 1996/97 Road Watch program introduced, Gutter Guardian, Shop to Shore, Butt Out 1994/95 Waste Watchers program introduced to schools 1992/93 Smart Business Awards, Correctional Services roadside cleanups 1990 Commenced Litter Index new methodology 1988/89 Litter Can Be Lethal television campaign, Paperchase program 1986/87 Conservation In Action for Schools and Super Suburbs Councils 1984 Purchased Building Glen Osmond 1978 Introduced CDL 1978 Commenced Tidy Towns 1977 Campaigns for on the spot littering fines 1974/5 Drop Something Sport campaign launched, again in 1980/81 1972/73 Founding Member of Keep Australia Beautiful National Association, Ecology Clubs in schools, Live Without Litter week April 9 15, first national litter survey conducted 1970/71 First year at the Royal Adelaide Show 19661969 Put It In A Bin campaign launched, car litter bags distributed 1966 Incorporated as Association in August, first antilitter campaign


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