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LEAN is a group of Labor members and supporters that celebrate Labor’s environmental legacy and campaign to ensure environment is central to its future.
Since LEAN was reinvigorated nationally in 2014, we have delivered many ground breaking policy outcomes. In 2015 LEAN put climate action back into the centre of Labor policy by delivering the Party’s commitment to 50% renewable energy by 2030 and the adoption of strong emissions reduction targets.

In September 2016 LEAN successfully lobbied the Federal Parliamentary Party to save the Australian Renewable Energy Agency – ARENA – from the Government’s plan to gut it. ARENA funds the development of renewable energy technology and provides grant funding to help get new, cutting edge technologies to market. It is essential to the growth of our renewable energy sector.

In 2017 LEAN campaigned in Queensland for publicly owned renewable energy, delivering a commitment from Queensland Labor to create a “Clean Co”, a publicly owned renewable energy corporation set to build 1 GW of renewable energy in the public interest. In NSW we campaigned to have NSW Labor commit to using proceeds from the sale to the Federal Government of the Snowy Mountains Scheme to fund publicly owned renewable energy.

In 2018, with the backing of 500 local branches and party entities, LEAN delivered a commitment to rewrite the failed federal environment laws. These laws are failing to stem the decline of Australia’s natural environment and Australia’s terrible record of species loss. New laws will force greater protections and institutions to underpin strong policy making and delivery.

Across the states and territories LEAN campaigns on state based issues, ensuring Labor has climate and environment policy to give us a safe future.

Labor, as a party of Government, is the political party in Australia that can deliver action on climate change and protection for our natural assets. LEAN’s mission is to ensure Labor leads Australia to a safe and clean future. We can’t do this without you.

Join us today. With hard work and collective action, together we can make Labor the force for environmental change that we, and the planet need it to be.

To be part of the Labor Environment Action Network (LEAN) you do not need to be a member of the Labor party but you cannot be a member of any other political party. We are a network of those working for environmental reform with the Labor party. (sourced from website 2/11/2021)

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