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The Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group (LCSAG) is an incorporated community group committed to improving the local area in the face of ongoing environmental degradation & climate change. The group has grown out of a movement spreading across Sydney where local people feel compelled to take action against increasing environmental threats.

While governments dawdle and councils are most often preoccupied with ‘business as usual’, residents can feel isolated in their belief that a more sustainable society is possible.?

In June 2008, the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) held a series of workshops in Lane Cove on sustainable living. Presentations on sustainable home design, local food production, natural cleaning products among others were enthusiastically received.

Also, individuals from Sydney community sustainability groups spoke about their experiences. At that point a group of local people thought, if they can do it, why can’t we?! So from this event like-minded individuals identified each other and LCSAG was born!

In the years since, LCSAG have had great success with various projects. The most successful have been the lobbying of council and large and small Lane Cove retailers to commit to a ‘Plastic Bag Free Day’ in October 2010. We continued with the presentation of a petition to the NSW Government requestiong the banning of single use plastic bags, the introduction of BagShare Lane Cove, assisting in the succesful campaigning for the introduction of a Container Deposit Scheme & the introduction of the idea of Responsible Cafes Lane Cove.

LCSAG is a watchdog for local sustainability issues such as recycling, bush biodiversity, public transport, healthy lifestyles & the general minimising of consumption. We lobby Lane Cove Council on a variety of issues and are connected with all the sustainability groups

of the district including Permaculture North, Lane Cove Bushland and Conservation Society and other local community groups.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch! (sourced from website 2/11/2021)


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Lane Cove, NSW

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