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The Last Straw on the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) is the Official Campaign © eradicating single-use plastic straws in venues operating on and around the GBR. Launching in 2016, by Marine Biologist Nicole Nash, the movement has seen 377 venues register, reducing over 5 million plastic straws from being used per year by these venues.

Stats as of March 2021
The Last Straw on the GBR goal is making the GBR region plastic straw free and reducing plastic pollution entering the reef to preserve our marine ecosystems (and marine life) for future generations.

At The Last Straw, we believe ‘there’s no excuse for single use,’ and that each and everyone of us have a social responsibility to protect our environment, which includes reducing our use of plastics. We encourage everyone to BYO straw, there are stainless steel, silicone, bamboo and even glass that are reusable these days.

• To start conversations about reducing other types of plastics in food & drink venues
• To promote sustainability in the workplace and reduce businesses environmental footprint
• To make it clear which alternative products are actually a better choice (bust greenwashing)
• Increase sustainability standards and eco-friendlness across tourism in QLD
To register as a plastic straw free venue head to:

There’s no excuse for single use! (sourced from Facebook page 22/04/2021)

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