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MINEFREEGLENALADALE INC. (MFG) is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission (ACNC). We work with other concerned community groups to raise awareness about proposed and existing mining developments that may impact negatively on the central and eastern catchments of the Gippsland Lakes. These include the proposed Fingerboards mineral sands/rare earths mine at Glenaladale and the Benambra copper mine.

MFG provides support for those who will be impacted by proposed mines through raising awareness about the environmental, economic, social and cultural risks, educating about decision-making processes, providing assistance to participate in the Environment Effects processes, collating research and scientific information about relevant technical areas, preparation of submissions and participation in Panel Hearings.

While we will not lose focus on the Benambra copper mine, with an EES due for release in Q2 2020 our most pressing focus is the proposed mineral sands/rare earths mine at Glenaladale.

We are ordinary people – farmers, residents and concerned community members – who, as we have become aware of the threats of mining to our catchments have become accidental activists determined to do what we can to stop any further deterioration to our environment and water systems as a result of unnecessary or inappropriate mining activities. We have been fighting since 2014 to raise awareness of the devastating consequences the proposed Fingerboards mine will have, not just on our families, lives and livelihoods, but also on our wider area and on our precious environment, including the heritage listed Mitchell River, the Perry River and two Ramsar Wetlands – the Gippsland Lakes and Corner Inlet.

There could not be a more inappropriate place for a mine. It is within 350m of the Mitchell River and 500m of our main industry – the Lindenow Valley vegetable industry – that employs over 1000 people and will be devastated through the loss of water to the mine and the loss of its ‘clean, green’ image through the inevitable and unavoidable dust contamination of crops.

It is on fragile soils that when disturbed will slump into the Mitchell River, causing siltation that not only affects ordinary uses of the water, but will smother life in the river bed.

The water the mine wants (minimum 10,000,000L per day) will lower aquifers and decrease freshwater flows to the already stressed Gippsland Lakes, impacting on the ecosystem and all the industries that depend on the natural beauty of the area.

This mine is not necessary – there are many other deposits across Australia that have richer, shallower deposits that would not have such devastating effects on the environment and local economies.

We need your help to stop this mine – the health of our environment and the future of our children are depending on us. (sourced from website 22/04/2021)

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