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This page shows information collected through a staged coding process. Data collected on each campaign includes the campaign goal, target, group and outcome.

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Mornington Harbour marina proposals


Evidence for outcome assessment

Outcome stated on group website - http://www.ppcc.org.au/i_mornin.htm

Campaign Description

This information was obtained in the year and from the location described in the relevant data fields. Details of how the data was acquired and the methodology for ascertaining campaign outcomes is available to download at the link. Do you have more information to add? Fill out the form below.

MORNINGTON MARINA PROPOSAL: Mornington Yacht Club’s failed second proposal for a marina development in Mornington Harbour.

* Mornington Peninsula Shire Council decisively rejected the second marina proposal for the harbour by an 8-2 vote on 2012-02-21.
* Report of the EES Inquiry on the Mornington Harbour marina proposal in April 2011
* Shire Council committee adopts officer’s report (P.23) that Council is so far unable to support the marina proposal.
* PPCC Inc. submission on “Mornington Safe Harbour Development” – a development that is entirely contrary to the public interest
* EES Guidelines on marina proposal listed in May 2006. Public exhibition ended on 5th July 2010. See EES Vol 1 and Chapter 7.
* See Mornington Environment Association Inc. leaders in The Age publicizing a rally on the Mornington Pier against the marina plan.
* Questions Mornington Environment Association Inc. asks about a yacht coming adrift from its Mornington mooring: How well managed are existing moorings?
* Letter to Environment Minister seeks no increase in substantial impact of boating development in Mornington Harbour as proposed.
* Statement on marina proposal made by Chair of Sub-committee of Mornington Yacht Club that formed Mornington Boat Haven Ltd.
* Aerial Photographs of Mornington Harbour and Mothers’ Beach, and also of Schnapper Point
* Contact Mornington Environment Association Inc. which leads the campaign against a further marina proposal for Mornington Harbour. See its Web site.
* Previous 1991 marina proposal by Mornington Yacht Club was rejected by the Minister for Planning, Hon Robert Maclellan, in 1994.
* PPCC Inc. Policy Statement No. 14 “Marinas in or near Port Phillip” (sourced from website http://www.ppcc.org.au/i_mornin.htm 11/11/2021)

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1991; 2012

Conservation & Protection

Port Phillip Conservation Council


Port Philip, Victoria


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