Campaign Characteristics

Campaign target = Federal Government

Campaign goal = Native forest biomassmust not be included in the RET as a renewable energy

Campaign outcome = unsuccessful

Evidence for outcome assessment

The burning native forests as "Biomass"electricity generation was removed from the Renewable Energy Target in 2011 but reintroduced in 2015, "to provide certainty to industry, encourage further investment in renewable energy and better reflect market conditions."

Campaign Description

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Below is all from our 2013 campaign: Little has changed …..except THEY (Big Timberwith the help of the COALition) did all that we warned they would when they came into power and now native forests ARE being increasingly felled and trucked to power stations in NSW and other places. Learn from HISTORY. This is how the politicians voted re burning forests to burn for fake carbon trading How they voted in 2012 when the independent Rob Oakshott bowed to pressure from the National Party in his electorate to make burning of native Australian Forests eligible for carbon trading via renewable energy certificates: COALition: 72 in favour Labor, Greens and some independents: 72 against (sourced[11/02/2017 10:07:43 PM])

Organising group website

Campaign began = 2013

Campaign issue = Conservation & Protection

Natives Rule

Campaign area = National

Campaign location = Australia

Campaign ended/assessed = Not yet assessed

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