Overview OREN/Otway forest campaign 19952008 What the OREN / Otways campaign has achieved The Otway Ranges Environment Network OREN has conducted a successful decadelong active campaign to stop clearfell logging and woodchipping of the magnificent biodiverse Otway native forests for all time. ORENs work followed the excellent work of other conservation groups who fought to protect the Otway forests in the 1980's and earlier. OREN was engaged in a community campaign that involved promotion of nontimber forest values such as nature conservation, sustainable forest based tourism and domestic water supply. These values were being compromised by relentless clearfell logging for woodchips. To educate the community, OREN produced detailed reports, operated this web site, produced calendars 2001 2004 2006, made stickers, gave public talks, publish articles and letters for newspapers, drew the media's attention to issues, and gave tours of the Otway forests. And more. The OREN/Otway campaign was strongly based on the politics of non violent direct action see pdf. Woodchips make up about 90 of the Otway native forest that is clearfell logged See graph, and generate over 60 of the forestry bureaucracy revenue. Hence OREN's key foe's were the woodchip industry first Kimberly Clark and then Midway along with the forestry bureaucracy. It was forestry bureaucrats who were actually responsible for inventing clearfell logging and then a market for native forest woodchips back in 1981. The loggers themselves were more often than not, the meat in the sandwich as they were the ones asked to clearfell log native forest that was controversial. Unfortunately the loggers forest union lacked any compromise skills, preferring to playing political games that helped the woodchip bosses rather than work with the broad community on issues and realistic solutions. Despite this, OREN's lobbying and community campaigning influenced the Victorian State Government decision to announce new Otways policies in the 2002 State election. The State Government then subsequently passed legislation in 2005 that created a new Great Otway National Park and prohibits all clearfell logging for woodchips on public land by 2008.


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