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The Palm Oil Action Group is a collective of Non Government Organisations. We are concerned about oil palm plantation development and the associated deforestation in Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.

Palm Oil Action Australia was established in 2001 as an information and action organisation in response to the growing concern about unsustainable palm oil use in food and biofuels. By ‘unsustainable’, we mean palm oil that is grown and harvested in such a way as to cause major habitat loss and the threat of extinction or near-extinction for many species who depend upon the rainforests that are cut down to make way for palm oil.

Whilst there are a number of websites dedicated to orangutan conservation as a direct result of the palm oil issue – and we encourage you to seek these out for other important information and for their views – we are geared more for the Australian consumer and for students who want to know general information about palm oil, and who want to know what we can do to change things. We also act as a news curator, sourcing the latest news from around the world regarding industry happenings and conservation issues. (sourced from website 4/11/2021)

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