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Group Description

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About Pine Rivers Catchment Association.

Our Association: The Pine Rivers Catchment Association is a not-for-profit community based organisation.

Our Objectives: One of the Pine Rivers Catchment Association’s (PRCA) major objectives is to promote the awareness and understanding of the interactions between land, water and other related biological resources within the Pine Rivers Catchment. Doing so will help people to recognise the value of a coordinated, catchment wide approach to managing these resources. Essential to the success of Integrated Catchment Management (ICM) in Pine Rivers is the identification of land and water resource issues within the catchment, finding solutions to existing and future problems and agreeing on actions through public and government participation and co-operation. PRCA is dedicated to the planned and ecologically sustainable growth of the Pine Rivers catchment in a balanced and constructive way.

PRCA is a community-based environment group formed to promote action within the community and through interested sectors to achieve sustainable, responsible and productive management of the Pine Rivers Catchment, both now and in the future.

Our members come from throughout the community, industry, agriculture and local and state government. Representatives of these stakeholder groups are elected each year onto PRCA’s Management Committee to oversee the activities of the Association. Catchment Associations like the PRCA help to foster coordination between individuals, residents, landholders, industry, community groups, businesses and governments in their on-ground actions to manage land, water and vegetation. Through this process natural resource management decisions can be made that are acceptable to all those involved. (sourced from https://www.prca.org.au/ 21/11/2021)


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Pine Rivers, Queensland

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