The Places You Love Alliance started as a fight to stop the unwinding of our national nature protection laws. Now we have expanded our ambition, looking to galvanise the natureloving Australian community to stand up for nature and bring on the changes at the scale needed to protect our environment and reverse our extinction crisis. Our organisations are building a movement of people from across the community that exercise social and political power to stand up for nature. Australians are deeply connected to nature in a multitude of ways, and beautiful natural places are part of our national identity. It is now time for all of us to stand together and stop the rollback of environmental protections and stand up for new generation of national environment laws. Australians love their country and especially their unique and extraordinary natural places and wildlife. Most of us enjoy escaping the city to recharge in the bush or by the beach. We all appreciate the healthy food and lifestyle our natural world gives us. For many decades we have demanded governments and companies do their best to look after these incredible natural assets. In fact, Australia has a strong history of fighting to protect natural wonders from the Franklin Dam, to Kakadu National Park and everywhere in between. However we are now entering a political period where the protection of nature is being threatened. Governments are reversing hard fought gains while resource exploitation redefines the historical scale and scope of environmental harm. Our Alliance is about rebuilding an active constituency for nature. You can be part of the movement to protect nature by taking part in Places You Love campaigns through our member organisations. The Places You Love alliance is the biggest collaboration between Australian environment groups in history.


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