Past Campaigns Planet Ark has a long and successful history helping Aussies reduce their impact on the environment. Here are just a few of our successes. Cards 4 Planet Ark Over 550 million greeting cards have been recycled via the 'Cards 4 Planet Ark' greeting card recycling campaign. This highly successful program was Planet Ark's flagship campaign and was responsible for a significant behavioral change. It wrapped up in December 2007 with kerbside recycling services now available to over 90 of households across Australia. Plastic Bag Reduction One of Planet Ark's most successful campaigns has been the national 'Plastic Bag Reduction' campaign. During its time, the campaign achieved great results including an agreement between governments and retailers to reduce the use of plastic bags. The campaign highlighted the need for people to start using reusable bags and since 2002 more than 10 million of these have been sold. This has led to an agreement between governments and retailers to reduce the use of plastic bags. Around 5 billion plastic checkout bags are still currently used by Australians every year, however since this campaign began in 2002, more than 10 million reusable bags have been sold. Paper Cutz Paper communications place a huge demand on forests, ecosystems and the atmosphere through emissions and industry. Paper Cutz was a campaign designed to encourage workplaces, with a particular focus on the financial sector, to switch to digital communications and electronic statements. Do Something Kit Our Do Something education video was made available for free rental from over 450 Video Ezy stores nationwide in 2000. Some of Australia's top comedians volunteered to help show people fun ways on how to save money and help the environment. The Do Something education kit has been used in thousands of primary schools Australiawide. Phones 4 Planet Ark In partnership with the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association, Planet Ark ran the 'Phones 4 Planet Ark' campaign in 2002 and 2003. This launched mobile phone recycling nationally in Australia. Together we recycled hundreds of thousands of mobile phones and batteries, melting them down and turning them into new products. National Milk Carton Recycling Campaign For many years Planet Ark ran the National Milk Carton Recycling Campaign in partnership with the milk carton industry. During the campaign, hundreds of millions of used milk cartons were recycled into office paper and other paperbased materials. National Steel Can Recycling Planet Ark's fouryear National Steel Can Recycling Campaign was run in partnership with the steel can industry. Over the duration of the campaign, the steel can recycling rate rose from 28 to 41. Australians now recycle around 60,000 tonnes of steel cans a year.


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