Project Description

Task 1: Add new groups

Add new groups to the campaign explorer,  or add new information to groups already in the campaign explorer. Join in on this task and help us understand more about where groups are and what activities they are doing. Add as much or as little information as you like, just follow these easy steps!

Step 1: Chose a group

Visit the Campaign Explorer Environmental Group site. Is the group already in the database? If so, take a look at what information is already there. If not, help us by collecting information on the group to add it in.

Find a group here

Step 2: Search for information

Now you have chosen your group, start finding information! There are many data points we can add to the Campaign Explorer database. Find as little or as much as you like – everything you find is of use to activists and researchers. Don’t forget to record the website link for information you find.

Step 3: Upload the data

Once you have found as much data as you like, simply upload it on the form below.

Go to the Campaign Explorer group map

You can search for information online by typing in the group name and looking firstly for a website or social media page. Follow links to try and discover more information about the group. Keep a record of the websites you find and include them in the form below – this will help our researchers compile the information. You can also tell us about document or records in the form. Happy searching!

Finished data collection? Let us know what you found here


We welcome researchers, activists and interested contributors to get in touch and join the research hub. Contact us here or participate in the Environmental Campaign Explorer citizen science project.