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Proposal of Port of Melbourne Corporation to substanitally deepen all the main Port Phillip shipping channels & The Rip


Evidence for outcome assessment

Outcome stated on group website - http://www.ppcc.org.au/i_channe.htm

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Channel Deepening in Port Phillip. Click on a blue hyperlink of interest.

Submission to Panel investigating the Port of Melbourne Authority’s SEES on Channel Deepening, by Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc.
Submission to Panel on Port of Melbourne Authority’s SEES on Channel Deepening, by Frank Hart, former Harbourmaster at Hastings
Click on POMC’s Channel Deepening site to see its latest claims.
Channel deepening in the Fraser River estuary in British Columbia, Canada, shows the large environmental impact of international shipping.
Compare our Channel Deepening with cases for and against the plan to deepen the shipping channel in the Columbia River, Oregon, USA.
Report from Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. on Channel Deepening Focus Group meeting at Brighton on 12th September 2006
Transport operator, Lindsay Fox, is quoted in The Age saying deepening the Bay to intensify port operations in inner Melbourne is misguided.
PPCC Inc. President’s reply of 3rd August 2006 to Premier’s letter re-affirms PPCC Inc.’s call for a referendum on Channel Deepening and urges legislation for that.
Demise of State Government’s Channel Deepening Facilitation Bill 2004: That use of Parliament to threaten critics has lapsed. Bills lapse at each dissoluton of Parliament.
Draconian Channel Deepening (Facilitation) Bill 2004 debate, begun on 7th December 2004, keeps being postponed. See latest Notice Paper listing it for “debate”!
Call on Premier to hold a binding referendum on Channel Deepening with the 2006 State elections.
“Hit and Myth in the channel debate” – penetrating and informative article in The Age, Business Page 10, pointing to the lack of information from proponents and Government
The Channel Deepening (Facilitation) Bill 2004 had its second reading in the Legislative Assembly on 9th December 2004. Debate resumes on 19th July 2005. Clauses 26 and 28 would alter Victoria’s Constitution Act 1975 to remove power for orders to be made by the Supreme Court by injunction or 4 types of prerogative writ, or by VCAT.
Position of Earthcare St Kilda Inc, a Member Organization of Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc. near the polluted northern end of Port Phillip, & active in penguin studies
Oral Presentation to the Panel on Channel Deepening by President of Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc. on 8th December 2004
Media Release by Opposition Spokesman for Ports says, “State Government Channel Deepening will damage Por Phillip Bay – Serious doubts on accuracy of the EES”
Hon. Robin Cooper, when he was the Liberal MLA for Mornington, called for no Channel Deepening spoil to be dumped in Port Phillip.
Recommendation on Ecology relating to DREDGING AND DREDGE SPOIL AREA in the CSIRO’s Port Phillip Environmental Study Final Report – June 1996
Strong and welcome opposition to the Channel Deepening proposal is coming from the Blue Wedges Coalition.
Final report on assessment of Channel Deepening EES by Dr Graham Harris, Director of the 1996 CSIRO Port Phillip Study, available from Association of Bayside Municipalities
Submissions to the Panel examining the Channel Deepening EES by Victorian National Parks Association Inc. and the Blue Wedges Coalition.
Channel Deepening Forum conducted by the Royal Society of Victoria on Thursday, 22nd July 2004, at 7:30 p.m. at 9 Victoria Street, Melbourne
Port of Melbourne Corporation released, on 5th July 2004, the Final EES of its Channel Deepening Proposal, on its Web site, and at stated places. It invited public comment.
Speech by the PPCC Inc. President.at the Public Meeting on the CHANNEL DEEPENING PROPOSAL held by the Blue Wedges Coalition on 16th March 2004
Click here for Tidal Predictions and records from the National Tidal Centre
Dive Sites in and near Port Phillip Heads: Map and list on the Dive Victoria Web site
Keynote Report on Channel Deepening by Port of Melbourne Corporation: The report suggests dredging spoil could form an “Environmental Island” near Blairgowrie.
Interview with Executive Chairman of Port of Melbourne Corporation on Port Phillip Channel Deepening, on Business Page 4 of The Age of 30th July 2003
Federal Government November 2002 Green Paper “Transport and Infrastructure Policy” describes Auslink plan for the future of Australia’s national land transport system
“Inception Report” – Report No. 1 of four promised by the VCA on the Port Phillip Channel Deepening EES – See Section on Melbourne 2030 (Page 3).
Submission to Minister for Ports on Port Phillip Channels Deepening Study, discussed with her at Ministerial Consultation in Kingston on 30th August 2000
PPCC Inc. request for referral of Channel Deepening proposal under the Commonwealth’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999
Declaration, by Environment Australia, of the deepening of The Rip, and Port Phillip shipping channels, proposed by the Victorian Channels Authority, as “a controlled action” under the Commonwealth’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Control Act 1999, with Federal approval thus required by that Act
Submission on Draft Assessment Guidelines for Environment Effects Statement for Port Phillip Channel Deepening Proposal by the Victorian Channels Authority
PPCC Inc. Policy Statement No. 11 opposes construction of artificial islands in Port Phillip. A VCA consultant said dredging spoil could form them.
Article on Mud Islands, within Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park, just inside the entrance to Port Phillip, which are vulnerable to the effect of sea level rises
“The History of Shipping and Ballast Water in Australia”: RMIT Presentation to 2003 AGM of Association of Bayside Municipalities, on introduced marine pests etc.
Web site of the Port of Melbourne Corporation, which is the successor since 1st July 2003, under changes in 2003 to the Port Services Act 1993, to the Victorian Channels Authority as the proponent of Channel Deepening in Port Phillip. (sourced from website – http://www.ppcc.org.au/i_channe.htm – 11/11/2021)

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Conservation & Protection

Port Phillip Conservation Council


Port Philip, Victoria


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