Rainforest Rescue was started in 1998 with the initial focus to raise funds for rainforest conservation projects in the Big Scrub region of northern NSW. On 25 March 1999 Rainforest Rescue was incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee, registered with the Australian government, providing maximum accountability to our supporters. The principal objective for which the Company was formed is the protection and enhancement of the natural environment. As the charity evolved, the scope of its work expanded, initially to rainforests across Australia and subsequently internationally. Over the past 18 years, a key focus of our work has been the buyback and reforestation of the lowland Daintree rainforest an internationally important, ancient and unique area that needs protection. Todate we have rescued 27 rainforest properties in the Daintree and planted over 100,000 native trees in the area in restoration and reforestation projects. Much of our early work in the Daintree was in partnership with the Daintree Rainforest Foundation which merged with Rainforest Rescue in in 2009. However, we have not forgotten our heritage and have funded and undertaken a wide range of rainforest conservation projects in the Big Scrub region, including the planting of over 125,000 trees. Rainforest Rescue has bought back threatened rainforest in the Daintree and in Tasmania. However, in our international work we develop partnerships with local conservation organisations and raise funds for their projects rather than duplicating their great work. Working in this way gives us maximum impact whilst allowing transparency for our supporters. Rainforest Rescue is listed on the Australian governments Register of Environmental Organisations which provided us with taxdeductible gift recipient status, enabling Australian residents to make tax deductible donations to the organisation. Rainforest Rescue is registered with the Australian Charities Notforprofits Commission and is a Member of the Fundraising Institute of Australia.


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