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The Save Barwon Heads Alliance Inc (SBHA) was formed in July 2007 with the sole purpose of advocating for retention of the ‘green break’ to the west of the Barwon Heads town. The SBHA successfully campaigned on behalf of the community who believed in the value of retaining the town boundary at a time when there was considerable pressure to have it extended.

The Barwon Heads Structure Plan was finalized in 2010 with the town boundary retained in its present position and the ‘green break’ was preserved. The structure plan, and therefore the town boundary, are now being reviewed by the City of Greater Geelong (COGG). Whether the present town boundary remains in place is one of many important matters that will be considered during the review.

Our History
The SBHA was formed in July 2007 in response to a proposal to expand the current Barwon Heads town boundary. The town boundary was identified as an important issue during the consultation process to develop the Barwon Heads Structure Plan. In 2010, SBHA presented to the Planning Panel Victoria with the assistance of legal representation. This followed over 1000 submissions to the COGG in support of retaining the town boundary.

2016 Review of the Barwon Heads Structure Plan
A review of the 2010 Structure Plan is currently being undertaken by the COGG. This is part of their strategic policy program to engage the community on the current status of the plan, future provision of services, infrastructure and facilities to the township. The review will also consider whether the current settlement boundary (town boundary) should be extended to provide for residential growth, or growth should remain focused on housing infill within established areas.

What has changed for Barwon Heads since 2010?
Barwon Heads is a low growth coastal town that is situated between two major growth areas.
The major growth corridor of Armstrongs Creek has been established.
On the western edge of this growth corridor, Warralilly’s residential development is progressing and there is a retail complex being constructed on
the Barwon Heads Road. This is within a 10 minute drive west of Barwon Heads. Ocean Grove is the second growth corridor; it is just to the east of Barwon Heads and is designated as a high growth area.

The Save Barwon Heads Alliance (SBHA) needs your support to maintain the town boundary where it is and to protect the wetlands and RAMSAR sites that characterize Barwon Heads. (sourced from website 4/11/2021)

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