Campaign Characteristics

Campaign target = WA State Government

Campaign goal = Establishment of the Beeliar Regional Park

Campaign outcome = Successful

Evidence for outcome assessment

Change of government, campaign succeeded in making Save Beeliar Wetlands an election issue, new government elected on a pledge to stop the development and rehabilitate the wetlands

Campaign Description

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The Wetlands Conservation Society was formed in 1985. Many of the founding members had been part of the campaign to protect the North Lake wetlands from the construction of Farrington Road in September 1984. Initially the WCS focussed on protection of the Beeliar Wetlands that are faced with ongoing threats. This campaign led to the establishment of the Beeliar Regional Park in the Cities of Melville, Cockburn and Kwinana.The WCS has now extended its campaign interests to wetland conservation throughout the State and it regularly makes submissions to development proposals, and policy and planning documents related to wetlands in WA.

In addition to this, the WCS is represented on a variety of government and public committees involved with environmental issues. The WCS also holds regular meetings and occasional excursions and tree planting events. (sourced[23/02/2017 8:30:59 PM])

Organising group website

Campaign began = 1984

Campaign issue = Conservation & Protection

Wetlands Conservation Society WA

Campaign area = Local

Campaign location = Beeliar Wetlands, WA

Campaign ended/assessed = Not yet assessed

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