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This page shows information collected through a staged coding process. Data collected from each group includes their description (from their website or social media pages), founding date, location, area of operations and more.

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Group Description

This information is obtained from either the group website or Facebook page. Details of where the data was acquired and the date of acquisition is included at the bottom of the text. Do you have more information to add? Fill out the form below.

The Southern Darling Downs in Queensland is a beautiful and highly-productive agricultural area, with the fertile cracking clay soils across much of the region considered some of the best in the World.

The Southern Downs region has mining exploration permits for coal, but currently no coal seam gas permits. For which we are very glad, and we hope it stays that way. Other regions are already impacted by these unsustainable industries, and we are concerned of the possible impacts to our quality agricultural and grazing lands, water resources, biodiversity and community. As these impacts have the potential to affect us all, we feel the need to raise awareness and offer our support to those landholders whose properties are threatened by these leases. We support the communities near us in their endeavours to fight off mining. And we will continue to inform local residents of the dangers that could impact on us if our luck runs out in the Southern Downs region. (sourced from Facebook page /11/2021)


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Warwick, Queensland

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